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Courtney is the CEO of Flow Media in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and darn good storyteller. He first got his storytelling experience from being a pastor, and now writes and directs film projects for his clients and his personal film work.

Prior to the inception of Flow Media, Courtney began interviewing people on the street to understand the stories of the everyday person. Later, he would use that experience to craft a message for brands in a unique way by telling a story about their customers and how to product or service could solve their problems.

In this podcast, Courtney sits down with me to talk about story. Story is the most important part to keep in mind while creating marketing materials, videos, or anything related to your brand.

This podcast’s purpose is to dive deep into the lives of digital content creators and marketer and to find out why they are passionate about this industry. If you enjoyed this podcast and want to listen to more, check out this page.