Due to the uncertainty of our local economies around the country, there have been an uncomfortable amount of locally owned businesses that have been forced to close.  Small businesses that make the framework of your community will only continue to degrade in the wake of the current economic environment.  Believe me, it’s happening in the city my video production business is located in Cedar Rapids.

What can we do but watch small businesses go out of business in our local communities?  Well what if I told you that there’s a way that saved some small businesses in Cedar Rapids through a local loyalty campaign?  That’s exactly what Happened.

Loyal to Local is a grassroots campaign that was established by small business owners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the Deetz App.  The campaign is focused on using the Loyal To Local Facebook page in addition to the Deetz App to find the hottest new deals and things happening in the Cedar Rapids area.  The campaign has huge names like Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust, Skogman Companies, True North Companies, The Gazette, Steve Shriver (local entrepreneur), Atomic Imprint, SPS Cedar Rapids, and Simplistic Views (humble brag), as sponsors who believe in the campaign’s ability to assist the small businesses in the area that have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

Simplistic Views acted as the media sponsor for the Loyal To Local Campaign, we created videos to show the unique small businesses in Cedar Rapids.  Through our video and content creation for these Cedar Rapids restaurants and small businesses, we realized what we could potentially lose if we don’t make a concerted effort to shop local.  Below are a few examples of the business owners in Cedar Rapids that you could support.

Dot & Dash Boutique

Ashley, the owner of Dot & Dash has curated some of the best women’s clothing of 2020.  If you’re at all into style, she has you covered.

SOKO Outfitters

We spoke with Paul who showed us the deals they had going on for the Loyal To Local campaign.  He’s also a super nice dude, you should check it out and say hi!


City Of Cedar Rapids Mayor Hart

The Mayor of Cedar Rapids even wanted to get on video to tell his community that he supports the campaign!


We were proud to offer our video production services to Cedar Rapids small businesses owners because we believe that supporting local businesses will enrich our community, grow the people around us, and allow for an overall positive impact.  If you’re a small business owner or a marketing manager at an organization in need of high quality video production services to tell your brand’s story, show off your customer testimonials, or anything that’s related to video, Simplistic Views has your back.