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Al Kajtezovic was only 9 months old when he immigrated with his family to the United States. Fast forward to a cold winter day in February of 2020 Al decides he’s going to bet on himself, his ability to creator digital content, and pack his belongs into his car and just move to LA to figure it out.

Little did Al know that in just a few months, a pandemic would emerge and LA would basically lockdown until further noticed. He has two choices at this point, keep grinding for his dream or pack everything back up into his car (he found an apartment) and come back home to Waterloo, Iowa. Which do you think he chose?

Al has seen the face of adversity many times through his life, so he bet on himself and trusted the process. Al is now a digital content creator that works for influencers to create cinematic and high quality pieces for high profile brands such as Lululemon and Threadbeast.

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