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Anthony Swindell is a Chicagoland native, but recieved his college degree at Iowa State. During this time, Anthony sat down next to a stragner in one of his engineering courses, not knowing that it would be his future business partner at Up The Ante Productions.

Once they got to talking, they both realized they had a common love for visual storytelling. From then on, they have gone above and beyond at educating themselves. Anthony realized that he really enjoyed business, so he enrolled himself into the entrepreneurship program at Iowa State Univeristy.

Thankfully for Anthony he sought out business education from the Iowa State John Pappajohn Center, eventually landing himself into the Cystarter program they put on for college aged founders. The program is 11 weeks long, and gives the participants seed capital to get their ideas off the ground. In Anthony’s case, he used the seed capital to purchase the essential camera equipment to begin to start telling stories for companies in Ames.

Speaking of getting the essential equipment, prior to having the ability to pay for a great camera he used the camera on his drone and his buddy’s gopro to film the first few paid job’s he had in Ames, Iowa. He’s sure come a long way since!

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